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Eighteen months ago an international team led by Elisabeth Cardis in Spain showed cancer promotion in workers exposed to chemicals and extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs. Now an Italian team has found essentially the same promotional effect in animals exposed to ionizing radiation and ELF EMFs.

Rats, which received a single low-dose of gamma radiation early in life and were exposed to magnetic fields for their entire lifetime, developed higher than expected rates of three different types of cancer: Breast cancer and leukemia/lymphoma, as well as an extremely rare and obscure tumor, called malignant schwannoma of the heart. Magnetic fields can “enhance the effects of a well-known carcinogen,” said Fiorella Belpoggi, the scientific director of the Institute, in an e-mail exchange.

The Ramazzini researchers did not mince words about the implications of the new findings. In the “Conclusions” section of their abstract, they wrote just one sentence: “These results call for a reevaluation of the safety of non-ionizing radiation.” [ed: cell phones, smart meters, etc.]

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, (a reincarnation of the corrupted Tobacco Research Institute) lists Valberg as one of two expert sources supporting the claim that smart meters are safe. The Utilities Telecom Council also deferred to Valberg. Industry and regulators across the US have based their rejection of claims of physical harm on interpretation by Peter Valberg, with no scientific study, oversight, investigation or protection of human rights. Scores of California residents were disabled by the acute onset of illness coinciding with smart meter installation, now extended to many other states.

The Center for Public Integrity’s Feb. 8 article “Meet the Rented White Coats Who Defend Toxic Chemicals,” by David Heath chronicles a 2008 example of mercenary science. A lawyer defending the asbestos industry attempted to pin the blame for mesothelioma on tobacco. Evan Nelson contacted Peter Valberg of Gradient Corporation, who was “happy to oblige” by publishing supportive science in peer-reviewed journals for a fee. According to David Heath, “Valberg would adopt Nelson’s theory as an expert witness in lawsuits, using it against mesothelioma victims such as Pam Collins of Bellevue, Ohio.”

What Health did not report is that Peter Valberg curiously also had a lucrative career defending tobacco. A search in the Legacy Tobacco Archives at University of California, San Francisco yields 396,225 matches. In fact, Valberg continues to practice tobacco science. In early 2014, Valberg prevailed for Phillip Light cigarettes, denying victims the right to take part in a class action lawsuit because they had not paid an extra surcharge for Light cigarettes. The same week Valberg defended Phillip Morris, he also appeared on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities to negate citizen health concerns. What is a tobacco scientist doing testifying on behalf of state utility regulator, financed by taxpayer and/or ratepayer expense?

Peter Valberg is the “expert” tapped by the energy and telecommunications industries and federal government backing the “Smart Grid,” to provide “evidence” that wireless smart utility meters and infrastructure are safe.