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Radio Interview with Nina

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Click here, to download WSBS on Smart Meter  1/10/14

Nina Anderson speaking out on the risks of the smart meter/smart grid program.

Local radio station promoting the film “Take Back Your Power” to be shown at the Sheffield Library Jan 31.  Radio interview on WHDD 1/15/14

– scroll down to the item  Taylor Cannon interviews Nina Anderson on Smart Meters in MA

-Note: CT seems to have changed their mind and is now allowing smart meters so beware and look to see what is on your building.

Before the Worcester smart meter pilot program has gotten off the ground, and while smart-metered Maine has been without power,  Governor Patrick has mistaken Massachusetts for a fiefdom, and ordered smart metering.  
Governor Patrick just ordered that MA utilities move forward with smart meters, ignoring all of the unresolved issues, but especially the civil rights of the electromagnetically hypersensitive, who will have no place to live. 
To express your thoughts about the technology, you may contact the Governor about this… template you can print and just sign..
The $48M Worcester smart meter pilot program, which was supposed to prove the efficacy of smart meters, has not even started yet, but millions in ratepayer funds have already been spent. The state of Maine is conducting an audit due to cost overruns for its smart meter pilot, and that the utilities requested an 8% rate hike, rather than delivering promised savings.  The Maine Supreme Court ruled that the Maine Public Utilities Commission did not adequately address health concerns. Now, despite the presence of smart meters which are supposed to enhance storm response, many Maine residents were without power for days due to an ice storm. There are enormous unresolved safety, cost, and greenwashing issues, in addition to privacy. 
“Boston – Monday, December 23, 2013 – The Patrick Administration’s Department of Public Utilities (DPU) today issued an order that will result in the modernization of the Commonwealth’s electricity grid. Massachusetts’ electric utilities will be required to develop a Grid Modernization Plan that includes investing in infrastructure for advanced metering functionality.  Advanced metering enables two-way communication between the utility and the customer, helping to achieve cost and energy savings and allow for efficient grid operations. The necessary infrastructure includes smart meters, communications networks and new data management systems to give customers greater choice about their energy use and real-time information to enable the utilities to respond better to storms.”