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The grid, without the  implementation of  what the Government/ utilities envision as the Smart Grid Program ie., reading every appliance in your home 24/7, is already causing people to suffer  the ill effect, with what is in place on the infrastructure! So added increase of non-thermal radiation transmitted by  RF pulsed microwave signals and dirty electricity caused by the wireless devices on the communication layer of the smart grid and continue to do this knowing the harm it is doing to innocent people, children, animals, wildlife around the world makes Hitler look like a boy scout for the “MAss Murder”, is without discrimination; it is a blatant crime, toward all of Humanity.
Why are we even arguing the idea of putting this technology into our environments when the utilities will not address the millions of victims who are already suffering with what is already in place on the grid?  Citizens have been put in the position of losing their jobs, homes and health as a result of pollution in the home, workplace and schools caused by the dirty electricity and deadly bio active Radio waves being used for the Smart Grid Network.  They are buying time and making billions on our suffering and even needless deaths and know that misinformation will buy them more time until the overwhelming negative health impact cannot be ignored any longer.  Who is the face of this evil who gets away lack of transparency ?  Why would anyone believe a faceless salesman selling faulty goods over friends and family who obviously are sick from this technology?  This is a pivotal time in History and our children will be reading about this in their history books; we can control the end of this story so that they can live to be proud that we fought for them.  We have to shift the paradigm now and change the course of history or this story will not be a happy ending, but one filled with corporate domination and control, sickness and suffering to levels we have never seen before. If you are hearing the constant illegal pure tone noise in your homes and elsewhere please go to to learn more.
The State of MA, has evidence in their possession which proves this noise is in our environment 24 hours a day non stop.  It is proven that it is an illegal pure tone as per regulations set forth by the Mass DEP.  They will not enforce their own laws!!! They are allowing air pollution such as this noise, knowing it is a public health hazard.  This is enforceable law and a precedent established.  This would be characterized as obstruction of justice.  This issue is an American issue and it crosses all boundaries philosophically and politically.   We need everyone to stand up and fight.
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A world-renowned engineer, scientist and environmentalist, Curtis has dedicated his life to studying the invisible by using thermography to see images beyond our spectrum. He is an expert on the dangers of EMF, Cell Phones, WIFI, Smart Meters. In an interview he describes how wifi and especially the smart grid being implemented for the smart meter is a biological weapon being inadvertently levied against the population.

As he explains, safety codes are implemented to protect the public predominantly from the health effects of unintended stimulation of tissue for example, Xrays where people are protected with lead shielded clothing. What they have not addressed is the fact that wireless routers and smart grids expose people to this unintended heat-effect generating frequency that has shown to induce responses in crops, humans, medical devices and even buildings. When municipalities incorporated building codes, they set parameters for current induction into building materials and structure. These parameters are being exceeded every day by frequencies generated through wireless devices. These vibrations cause high-speed polarization which expand and collapse inside walls, etc at sometimes up to 18 billion times per second and become a violent harmonic. This can over time cause structural compromise because of the damage from pulsing frequencies.

As for the effect on people, Curtis says that wireless frequencies heat up your body fluid (like it has been proven in SARs testing, microwave testing, etc) but it is 24/7 because the wifi never shuts down, especially if you have a smart grid in your area. This creates nerve and muscle depolarization that can affect every function in your body including hormones which affect our emotional stability.

Please listen to at least the first 15 minutes of his interview.