A War on the people

THE RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION SITE SAFETY INFORMATION ACT (House Resolution 7236) would severely limit liability of telecom corporations for injury caused by exposure to radiation emitted by telecom equipment if the corporation complies with FCC-determined RFR emissions.

If this passes you won’t be able to sue for health issues caused by telecom equipment including 5G.

Tell Congress to vote NO on HR 7236.

To find your Representative https://bit.ly/2jE77BE

To find your Senator: https://cs.pn/2Etwher



08-01-2013 10:31 am – John A. Holeton
There comes a time in the history of a country when its people look back and acknowledge a turning point that transformed their way of life forever; a crossroad such as the introduction of slavery, The American Revolution to declare our independence, civil war and The Great Depression. We are at such a turning point here in America now today.

Across America smart meters are being forced on consumers and consumers are fighting back with resolutions and moratoriums to stop them because they want a choice and their voices heard.

The installation of AMI meters, smart meters, is a corporate mandate! Not a Federal mandate! One that proposes that consumers reimburse the corporation through rate increases for this business experiment also one that demands we accept smart meters which use radio frequency transmissions which cumulative effect (1) may be harmful; one that allows a private corporation to cross the line and breach the boundary of the outer walls of our homes where the 4th Amendment is sacred – without our consent with communications with smart chipped appliances. The utility corporations call this a Home Area Network. All of this plus no contract to protect consumer’s legal right to redress for liability and harm.

The smart meter does not just measure electricity. It is designed to capture more energy consumption (2) than the old analog meter with the electrical / mechanical dials. It will cost consumers more with the simple transferring of the type of meter being used and for the future cost associated with the Advanced Metering Infrastructure agenda to control all aspects of customer’s energy consumption.

Many of the smart meters use Radio Frequency communications equivalent to cell phones to do this, although the radiation of cell phones has been declared by the World Health Organization as a possible Class 2B carcinogenic as recently as 2011. The Utility Corporations argue the radiation of smart meters is minimal as they only transmit a few times a month and the radiation is within FCC guidelines. The significance of the total radiation transmitted by a smart meter is documented by the HF 35 C High Frequency Analyzer (3) in the video recordings of smart meters in Troy Michigan, the smart meters continuously collected data for 12 consecutive minutes.

The FCC guidelines are for Thermal based radiation, not the long-term non-thermal based radiation from many sources accumulating possible dangerous exposures. There are no long-term studies on the effects of non-thermal radiation.

For the first time in the Smart Technology Revolution, American consumers are becoming aware of the overabundance of radio frequency in their everyday lives. Americans are being overexposed (4) by numerous appliances and devices already in their homes such as micro-wave ovens, security systems, deck phones, remote thermostats, baby monitors, desk and laptop computers, video games, WIFI play stations, routers and modems – all with radio frequency radiation. This cumulative effect of exposure can be hazardous but can simply be eliminated by consumer choice. Consumers can choose not to purchase them, use them or turn them off until needed as opposed to the mandate of utilities to have smart meters for electricity, water and gas where the consumption is continuously being collected by RF radiation and thus exposing consumers.

We are being forced to allow a new smart meter technology take over our lives. The talk of using energy credits as collateral for sustainable energy is becoming a reality with homes equipped with card readers telling consumers how much energy is available so they can decide which appliances they can afford to use. With the ability to track all monetary transactions by barcodes and credit type cards, it is not unreasonable to expect in the future corporations such as utility corporations will be able to monitor your exact worth at any given time and use the smart meters load limiting ability or disconnect to ration or end your energy consumption.

The consequence of refusing the corporate mandate AMI smart meters is to do without the life support of energy. This is documented in Michigan’s Public Service Commission Case U-17053 where Detroit Edison reiterates in Direct Testimony that accepting the new AMI meters is a condition of service.(5)

The MPSC, whose commissioners are appointed by the governor, has Primary Jurisdiction over the energy corporations whom are given a monopoly on their service provided to consumers. Their Primary Jurisdiction authority allows them to interpret laws and enforce regulations. This authority can take precedent over prosecuting such unlawful acts as those listed in Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act, PA 331 of 1976 445.903 Sec.3. (1) Such as (j) Representing that a part, or repair service is needed when it is not. (Replacing the analog meter with smart meter); and (n) Causing a probability of confusion or of misunderstanding as to the legal rights, obligations, or remedies of a party to a transaction.

Just causing the probability confusion to the legal rights and remedies of a party to a transaction is unlawful under Michigan law yet Michigan’s Attorney General, as representative of the governor and legislature – not the people, yields to the Primary Jurisdiction of the MPSC.

This leaves consumers to either seek civil action through a lawsuit or become a party to the case by intervening in the utility company cases before public service commissions such as the MPSC. The MPSC heard the voices of the people through these legal documents of resolutions and moratoriums and gave us the investigation into smart meters with Case U-17000. More resolutions and moratoriums gave us the Detroit Edison proposal for an Opt-Out program of MPSC Case U-17053.

It is only through the Intervention of John A. Holeton, Pauline Holeton, Richard Meltzer, Karen Spranger, Linda Kurtz, Cynthia Edwards, Sharon Schmidt, and Dominic and Lillian Cusumano’s, that having a Choice (6) regarding the AMI meter and a reduced cost for the opt-out program became a reality in Michigan.

As of May 15, 2013 the MPSC has authorized the Detroit Edison Opt-Out proposal and set the cost of $67.20 opt-out fee and $9.80 a month for service from the original cost proposed at $87 and $15 respectively.

It is with the documentation provided by the Direct Testimony of the MPSC, Detroit Edison and myself, John A. Holeton (7) and the legal protocols documented there that provides direction for others to pursue future such cases.

We must continue to hold them accountable, the corporations, agencies and organizations whom tread on our constitutional rights and our elected officials for it is they whom serve “We the People”.

The true value of the MPSC Case U-17053 Opt-Out is that the Opt-Out is testimony and proof that “We the People” can become Warriors for the People by joining together using our Constitutional 1st Amendment freedom of speech for 1, 3, or 5 minutes in cities, townships and counties and change the future of our state and our Country.



1. The cumulative effect of Radio Frequency radiation can be seen in the video OVEREXPOSED at http://www.W4AR.com OVEREXPOSED page.

2. This is documented as I-JH-3 in Direct Testimony of John Holeton in MPSC Case U-17053

3. The readings of the HF 35 C High frequency Analyzer with the Troy smart meters can be found on the http://www.W4AR.com OVEREXPOSED page.

4. See the cumulative effects of RF in video OVEREXPOSED at http://www.W4AR.com, page OVEREXPOSED

5. Direct Testimony of DTE Representative Robert Sitkaukas MPSC Case U-17053, Vol. 3, page 386

6. The MPSC has documented its Consumer Choice and Reliability Act, ACT 3 of 1939, MCL 460.10, Sec 10 through 10bb, gives each individual, city, village and township the right to seek alternative energy providers as published in their Goals for service.

7. The direct Testimony of John A. Holeton, MPSC Case U-17053, file 0245 see exhibits I-JH-2,3,8, and 9

SOURCE: http://www.W4AR.com

– See more at: http://www.libertynewsonline.com/article_301_33662.php#sthash.dggdSNNd.dpuf

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