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If you plan to write your congressperson about smart meter issues… this is an easy link to access it:!/

David O. Carpenter, MD, MPH, founder of the University of Albany (NY) School of Public Health and director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the SUNY, School of Public Health: “The mass deployment of smart grids could expose large chunks of the general population to alarming risk scenarios without their consent.” Dr. Carpenter’s open letter, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine recently issued a report entitled “Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health”which calls for, among other things: immediate caution on Smart Meter installation due to potentially harmful RF exposure. FCC technical standards. There is not supposed to be any interference with authorized radio-frequency devices (i.e., medical devices). Yet this happens. Section 15.5. OET Bulletin 62. Of special concern are people with implanted medical devices like deep-brain stimulators for Parkinson’s, pain pumps, ventilators, some pacemakers, insulin pumps, and in-home hospital equipment. The radiofrequency interference (RFI) inherent to smart grid/metering can cause such equipment to go haywire, or even stop altogether. RFI from ambient exposures has caused wheelchairs to behave erratically and surgical beds have jump. There have been documented cases of medical reimbursement from the power companies in lawsuits for medical reasons including pacemakers, migraines and other illnesses.

“The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radiofrequency radiation as a 2B, possible human carcinogen.” “More than 1,000 studies done on low intensity, high frequency, non-ionizing radiation, going back at least fifty years, show that some biological mechanisms of effect do not involve heat. This radiation sends signals to living tissue that stimulate biochemical changes, which can generate various symptoms and may lead to diseases such as cancer.This energy can cause DNA damage indirectly leading to cancer by a combination of biological effects. Recent publications have documented the generation of free radicals, increased permeability of the blood brain barrier allowing potentially toxic chemicals to enter the brain, induction of genes, as well as altered electrical and metabolic activity in human brains upon application of cell phone RF/microwaves similar to those produced by smart meters.People in proximity to a smart meter are at risk of significantly greater aggregate of RF/microwave exposure than with a cell phone, not to mention the cumulative exposure received by people living near multiple meters mounted together, pole-mounted routers or utility collector meters using a third antenna to relay RF signals from 500 to 5,000 homes.’’ • “RF levels from various scenarios depicting normal smart meter installation and operation may violate even the out-of-date US public safety standards which only consider acute thermal effects.” – excerpted from The Smart Grid: Not Smart, Not Safe, Not Green by B. Blake Levitt.


The Standard of Unyielding Integrity
The misguided plan to update the nation’s electric grid by super-imposing 21st century wireless microwave technologies over aging 20th century infrastructure gained critical momentum in Massachusetts when the DPU approved a 15,000 household pilot program for Worcester, despite objections from MA Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Evidence of harm emerged already when smart meter installation began in other states. A portion of the population, predominantly women, experienced such immediate adverse effects due to pulsed radiation and dirty electricity caused by meter installation that they were driven from their homes. Now, darkfield microscopy from independent research makes visible one mechanism of destruction: trauma to blood cells in the presence of smart meter pulsed RF radiation.

Staggering the installation and activation of meters and neighborhood repeaters, installing new meters without consent, updating AMR meters to transmit 24/7, and withholding or providing false information causes individuals with resulting health challenges to be misdiagnosed and subjected to invasive, ineffective testing and treatment. Health care providers are not aware of the cause; the home electromagnetic environment has been altered by 24/7 exposure to pulsed RF radiation. Scientists speculate that damage occurs especially at night, when parasympathetic nervous system function dominates.

At the August 21 meeting of the Public Service and Transportation Sub-Committee, Councilor-at-Large Rushton asked National Grid to provide documentation supporting claims made in writing to the City Council regarding health and safety. He also requested that the City’s health officer independently research health implications for both WiMax antennas and smart meters.

No additional ratepayer money or time should be wasted denying a fore-gone conclusion – that the rush to install new infrastructure proceeded under false pretenses, was based on erroneous assumptions, and the stakes are highest in Worcester, which is Ground Zero. Communities representing over 4 million Americans have already banned smart meter installations, and groups in over 30 states are waging battles. Informed Worcester residents are being given the extraordinary opportunity to guide energy policy in the United States to a higher level of integrity, by declaring an immediate moratorium on smart meters.

A comprehensive cited rebuttal to National Grid’s documentation, compiled by Clare Donegan, is available on-line



Pathophysiology. 2013 Oct 3. pii: S0928-4680(13)00037-0. doi: 10.1016/j.pathophys.2013.08.001. [Epub ahead of print]

Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link – Part I.


TRANSCEND Research Program Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02129, USA. Electronic address:


Although autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) are defined behaviorally, they also involve multileveled disturbances of underlying biology that find striking parallels in the physiological impacts of electromagnetic frequency and radiofrequency exposures (EMF/RFR). Part I of this paper will review the critical contributions pathophysiology may make to the etiology, pathogenesis and ongoing generation of core features of ASCs. We will review pathophysiological damage to core cellular processes that are associated both with ASCs and with biological effects of EMF/RFR exposures that contribute to chronically disrupted homeostasis. Many studies of people with ASCs have identified oxidative stress and evidence of free radical damage, cellular stress proteins, and deficiencies of antioxidants such as glutathione. Elevated intracellular calcium in ASCs may be due to genetics or may be downstream of inflammation or environmental exposures. Cell membrane lipids may be peroxidized, mitochondria may be dysfunctional, and various kinds of immune system disturbances are common. Brain oxidative stress and inflammation as well as measures consistent with blood-brain barrier and brain perfusion compromise have been documented. Part II of this paper will review how behaviors in ASCs may emerge from alterations of electrophysiological oscillatory synchronization, how EMF/RFR could contribute to these by de-tuning the organism, and policy implications of these vulnerabilities. Changes in brain and autonomic nervous system electrophysiological function and sensory processing predominate, seizures are common, and sleep disruption is close to universal. All of these phenomena also occur with EMF/RFR exposure that can add to system overload (‘allostatic load’) in ASCs by increasing risk, and worsening challenging biological problems and symptoms; conversely, reducing exposure might ameliorate symptoms of ASCs by reducing obstruction of physiological repair. Various vital but vulnerable mechanisms such as calcium channels may be disrupted by environmental agents, various genes associated with autism or the interaction of both. With dramatic increases in reported ASCs that are coincident in time with the deployment of wireless technologies, we need aggressive investigation of potential ASC – EMF/RFR links. The evidence is sufficient to warrant new public exposure standards benchmarked to low-intensity (non-thermal) exposure levels now known to be biologically disruptive, and strong, interim precautionary practices are advocated.

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