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cellkidsbrainsDangers from wireless devices are creating public outcry and right-to-know ordinances. Cover ups by the cell phone industry keeps a lid on information or promotes skewed studies that lead the user to trust the industry. Ask a person if they know what is happening when they put a cell phone next to their ear and they will say “if it wasn’t safe they wouldn’t be for sale”. We trusted that cigarettes were safe for how many years until the industry had to admit it caused health problems. Cell phones and other wireless devices, including smart meters are in the same category. How many years and how many cases of cancer and dementia will have to be proven as linked to wireless devices, before we start putting warnings that mean something on the devices? There are some places in the country that are paying attention.

“Cell phones cause cancer” attorney Jimmy Gonzalez, who succumbed to cancer that started where he kept his phone next to his body,  declared in front of the Pembroke Pines, Florida City Council.  “It should become crystal clear that cell phones do cause cancer and that the American people are not being properly warned about cell phones.” In 2012 they adopted a cell phone radiation resolution  that expressed the city’s “urgent concerns arising from recent medical science reports which advise of the possible and adverse health effects delivered upon those who use cell phones, including, but not limited to, cancer, as a result of the [non-ionizing] radiation emitted by cell phones”.

Recently, the City Council in Berkeley, California voted unanimously 9-0 on a Cell Phone Radiation “Right-To-Know Ordinance that requires wireless retailers to warn customers of possible radiation exposure when purchasing cell phones.  Cell phones sold in Berkeley will now come with a warning notice explaining the dangers of high radio frequency (RF) exposure.

An article by Nancy Thorner  In the Illinois Review gives us a good look at the whole wireless arena and what red flags are being raised, especially towards radiating children. Please read it when you have time:

Cell Phone Dangers: Public Deception Trumps Public Health