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Cellphone towers are popping up more and more, but not everyone wants one in their backyard. So now, carriers are getting creative — call it divine service. Churches are now allowing cell towers disguised as crosses and bell towers to be put on their property. They get between $1500-5000 a month for this…. and a good dose of radiation (that’s the bonus)… watch the video (after the commercial)

Acting Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella has ordered the closure of Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular cell sites in sitio Calvary Hills, barangay Apas. Residents of sitio Calvary Hills, Philippines, have been complaining about the operations of the cell sites in the area for the past few years. They blamed radiation from the cell sites for causing several cancer-related cases and deaths among the residents.
Labella said he issued the orders only now as he received the recommendation from the city legal office just recently.
He said both Globe and Sun Cellular can question the closure order in court.
“I think the main consideration there is the health hazards it posed to the residents of sitio Calvary considering that there are a number of cancer victims and a number of them already died and there are still many who are sick,” he said.
Labella said the closure order was pushed by the barangay, the City Health Office and the City Legal Office.
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emfspeechA must see video… not long but powerful. If you don’t believe wifi and cell phones are harming you then you are very misled. Please watch this 3 minute video.

ocean city md polesThis is the best short video about the Federal cell tower roll out to completely saturate our neighborhoods to carry out surveillance under the guise of homeland security. It describes the money behind this and the special interests that don’t care about carcinogenic RF levels they put out. Worth the watch.