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As our current focus area The Scientific Alliance for Education, a non-profit,  we endeavor to educate the citizens of Massachusetts regarding the installation of Smart Meters by utility companies and issues concerning, fire, safety, security and health concerning those high radio frequency devices. 

We are now engaging a project to get EMF measuring devices available to homeschool parents, teachers, day care centers, parents, businesses. It’s objective is to create awareness of toxic electromagnetic environments that affect children. We plan to offer printed material and eventually a DVD to education people about the effects of too much screen time and being in a Wi-Fi environment. Please check out our website: www.SAFEHelpsYou.org


  1. Hello, NoMasssmartMeters! So glad to see you! I’ve been in the ‘fray’ only since February and every day I learn some new reason why this initiative is bad to the core. I have never been an activist in my life but this issue broke the seal.

    We, here in Massachusetts have SUCH an advantage because we know about what is about to happen if we do nothing. Most people across North America had no idea until their millions or billions were spent and there was no going back.

    Maine is a great example. Central Main Power promised $25M in savings but oops…an accounting error (!) ‘smart’ meters will now cost ratepayers $100M and people are getting sick! Bend over for an 8% rate increase! Also see http://haltmasmartmeters.org/health/my_name_is_marguerite/ for a heartbreaking story. I have spoken to Marguerite many times, she is a lovely. down to earth person who was so sick she thought she was going to die… because of a utility meter? Even typing that sentence is surreal because how could that possibly be true? But it is!

    Together, liberals and conservatives, young and old can spread the word. We MUST not sheepishly accept these paradigm altering, privacy invading, security and health threatening money pits: so-called ‘smart’ meters.

    Let us know if we can help!

  2. Kirstin says:

    Hello NoMassSmartMeters! I would like to share a petition link for this expanding to all harmful signals, to hopefully be shared with business & government local leaders in MA: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/495/323/027/reduce-disabling-wireless-emfs/?z00m=21007248

    I am currently working on these issues in the Hampden/Hampshire counties, but hope to work with everyone. I posted a link for networking recently and hope to continue to build it up as networking is how we can reduce our workload and be most effective: http://www.meetup.com/HEALove/pages/Organizations_for_Networking/

    I can post some events to members, although I try to keep email to a minimum. Best, and I will keep in contact.

  3. Kirstin B says:

    Hi Nina, the information on the fairs is helpful and I will try to get a booth or two to share the health risks, primarily, and get signatures for our state ballot question. No response yet from your area, but may drop off some petitions with you in September. Best, K

  4. Zibby says:

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    Hi I don’t know what to do I’ve been feeling sick tired I think something in the house maybe making me sick I think it may be the smart meter is there someone I can call or talk to as soon as possible my number is 781-983-3556

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