Hundreds criticize smart meters in Kingston NY.

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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While the town of Sheffield didn’t find our moratorium By-law to be appropriate as a zoning regulation and therefore the vote didn’t pass, we could have reapplied as an ordinance. But, we decided to spend our time in outreach to educate folks about the controversy surrounding this issue. That way for those who care about the implications of the smart meter they can stay up to date.

This is our first post in that vein:

Hundreds of residents crammed Kingston City Hall on Wednesday Feb/4th/15 night, to criticize the introduction of “smart” electric meters to New York’s energy grid. Their remarks were part of a hearing process conducted by the New York Public Service Commission. Officials said the Kingston meeting turnout and duration exceeded recent hearings held, in both, Buffalo and New York City. The Public Service Commission’s panel listened to four hours of testimony. Opponents claim that the new digital utility meters produce electromagnetic pollution, which sicken residents.

According to The World Health Organization the microwaves they emit when transmitting information is carcinogenic. It is classified as a class 2b carcinogenic toxin.


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