CEIVA Energy Gets it Wrong

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

From what I can determine from their website they are a software firm for electronic in home/business wi-fi communications units. Their VP put out a PR piece that makes reference to National Grid’s pilot. Unfortunately they got it slightly wrong. The customers never received the CEIVA “toys” and most never initially knew the smart meters in the pilot were installed on their homes. Plus this pilot wasn’t for free as all of National Grid’s customers must pay the $48 million spent on the pilot. We have recently seen our electric bills go way up… they claim other reasons for this but we suspect its to pay for the pilot.

“Several pilot programs are starting to integrate smart thermostats across a broader home energy management platform. Look at National Grid’s Smart Energy Solutions program, which is the largest smart grid program in the Northeast and the blue print for Massachusetts’ state mandated grid modernization plan. Customers in the program receive Carrier’s smart thermostat, smart plugs, CEIVA’s gateway/in-home display and access to real-time smart meter data—all integrated, all at no cost to them. This gives National Grid a powerful energy efficiency solution while boosting convenience and comfort for consumers, achieving the ultimate utility win-win. ” -Wannie Park, VP utility solutions CEIVA Energy.



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