New Updates and Smart Meter Shield info

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Santa Barbara opt out customers duped with new ERT meter (new name for smart meter).  Santa Barbarians need to know that digital meters have been forced on us Opt-Out customers here in Santa Barbara. It’s a worthy news item that those who chose the “opt out” option, for which they paid $75 one-time fee and a monthly $10 charge for two years, have been duped. They’ve gone into another round of shoving these digital meters down our throats. An opt out customer, Wendy survived the first round of digital meters by protesting and participating in the SCE OPT OUT program that they were forced to offer to them. A few months after she was on the opt out list, SCE came around and put an orange OPT OUT sticker on her analog meter. She thought that was a little weird, but was happy that it was clearly marked by them. But now sees that this sticker was part of the deception. Sometime in the last 3 weeks SCE still put a digital meter on her property and removed her analog meter. But they are being super sneaky about it. First, they didn’t tell her they did it, secondly they ignored that she had a sign on her electrical box notifying them to not put a digital meter on the property, thirdly, they installed a digital meter — and on the outside of the meter they put a same orange sticker that she had on my analog meter which says “OPT OUT” so that at first glance it appears that no changes have been made. When she called SCE to question this, they said, “The new meter is an ERT meter, not a smart meter”. This ERT digital meter actually is the same thing as a smart meter but it’s not called a smart meter. It is NOT an analog meter. The ERT meter carries with it the exact same concerns as a smart meter, so people all over the SB are being deceived by SCE. This needs to be made very public. For those of us who opted out – we didn’t realize that we were not opting out of having digital meters… we were only opting out of meters that had the “smart meter” commercial name. The Opt-Out program was a total scam. SCE has completely deceived them. MA opt out residents make sure you opt out of digital meters…. not the commercial name smart meter!


Nevada investigates smart meter fires. State regulators decided today to launch a preliminary investigation into whether the 1.1 million smart meters installed on homes across the state by NV Energy pose a fire danger, demanding the utility turn over data on meter failures, the number of fires associated with the meters, any lawsuits involving the meters and internal investigation documents on meter fires. The request for information comes after the Reno and Sparks fire chiefs raised the alarm on a series of fires they say are linked to smart meters in their cities, including the most recent blaze that killed a 61-year-old Reno woman. “Given the lingering safety question presented by the Reno and Sparks fire departments’ expert, staff believes it would be prudent for the commission to gather some information from NV Energy regarding any fires which have occurred where NV Energy equipment may have been involved,” the PUC’s lawyer Tammy Cordova wrote in an order compelling NV Energy to turn over documents. “Staff believes this information is required to ascertain whether any further inquiry is necessary.” Reno smart meter fires more widespread than first feared: Fire investigators have documented nine fires in Reno and Sparks since 2012 that they say originated at the smart meter. Most of the fires caused minimal damage, destroying just the meter and blackening the outside wall of the home. One fire, however, destroyed most of a Sparks family’s home. Another left a man with moderate burns on his face. A forensic expert hired by the fire departments examined four of the meters and concluded that a “common failure mode” could not be ruled out in the blazes. In each case, NV Energy said the either smart meter was not the cause of the blaze or they are still investigating the exact cause of the ignition.

smartmetercondomNew smart meter protection device. If anyone tries this can you let me know if it works and if you feel better… The Smart Meter Condom (or SMC) is based upon discoveries and inventions made by Michael Faraday, a 19th English scientist who conceived of devices to shield and block dangerous electromagnetic waves and fields (EMF), and to reduce the dangers these can generate. Since his day, the Faraday Cage has been employed, in various forms and sizes, to control volatile electromagnetic phenomena in specific situations. The most common use of this shielding device is to protect electronic equipment from electrostatic discharges, such as lighting strikes – for instance: sound and video installations and power sources at outdoor festivals. Our Smart Meter Condom (SMC) is proudly made in Canada, using the best of nationally-sourced materials such as 316gr micro-mesh Stainless Steel  – alloys proven most effective in blocking RF waves and EMF radiation. Is it legal for installation? While our SMC dramatically reduces harmful emissions and the strength of RF waves from your smart meter, it does not impede the device from communicating your usage data clearly to your Energy provider in any way. Therefore, after correctly installing your Smart Meter Condom there should be no issue or objection from your provider, so long as reasonable access to their meter is still available.


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