Opt out fees reversed in many areas and more updates:

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meter-fire_310_217Smart Meter Fire Hazard Update

Fire officials say that smart meter fires are particularly concerning because they start on the outside of the house, won’t be picked up by indoor smoke detectors, and can escape immediate notice. The Sparks, NV fire chief stated, “The occupants inside may not even be aware the house is on fire.” There are multiple issues, and one was that meter installers were not licensed electricians in some deployment areas. In some cases the meters were being switched out under live load. If water seeps into the device, it may malfunction. Lightning or a power surge or EMP (electromagnetic pulse) can damage the electronics, which was not the case with mechanical analog meters. Extremes in temperature have been an issue in some deployment areas.In many cases, a fire involving a smart meter is blamed on underlying electrical problems in the home, and the homeowners were not compensated for damages. The wiring the home should be checked before the meters are installed,

Opt Outs

Wireless smart meters enable two-way communication between the utility and the home. 111 municipalities in Quebec have called for a moratorium and/or free opt out. Germany has rejected smart meter deployment. In the UK, the Committee of Public Accounts issued a report Sept. 9 casting doubt over the validity of the smart meter rollout, raising concerns over the cost-benefit to consumers and the ability of the energy market to keep costs down. Nations including Italy, the site of the Vatican leukemia lawsuit, opted for safer, faster; more secure hard-wired technology. Italy is not collecting private usage data from customers. Lakeland, Florida; Saskatchewan, Canada; Pennsylvania, and Oregon have removed thousands of smart meters due to fire hazards.

Opt Out Fee Reversed:

>PG&E Customers Getting Fees Reversed as CPUC Endlessly Delays Smart Meter “Opt Out” Decision
“A decision was rendered at the end of the Evidentiary Hearing by the ALJ Anthony Colbert, in Mr. Rainey’s favor. It was so ordered that PGE is to immediately remove (AND CREDIT) and cease from charging the $75 surcharge AND each monthly $10 fee for meter reading. PG&E reluctantly had no other option but to agree to this. 8/8/14 11:00 a.m. ALJ Colbert ECP – C.14-04-002 (EH) – Thomas Rainey, Complainant, vs. Pacific Gas and Electric Company, (U39E), Defendant, California Public Utilities Commission Courtroom, San Francisco Note that no formal written decision was issued in this case. The ALJ agreed to dismiss the complaint against PG&E and PG&E agreed to drop the fees. Here is another case where PG&E was forced to reverse “smart” meter opt out charges: http://hasbrouck.org/blog/archives/002101.html

MA DPU Statement:

>The Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council, which provided testimony in opposition to smart meters for MA DPU docket 12-76 stated, “The smart grid is increasingly understood as an over engineered, ill-advised, financial boondoggle at taxpayer expense, capable of endangering the security of the entire national grid, violating constitutional privacy protections and endangering public health. In addition, the smart grid/metering has not been found to save energy when all the new variables in the system are factored in. Plus, time-of-use pricing is largely punitive to those who can least afford it. Time-of-use pricing is fundamentally a Wall Street model designed to maintain shareholder profits as we transition to more energy efficient models that will reduce demand.”


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