Curtis Bennett speaks on wifi as a biological weapon

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A world-renowned engineer, scientist and environmentalist, Curtis has dedicated his life to studying the invisible by using thermography to see images beyond our spectrum. He is an expert on the dangers of EMF, Cell Phones, WIFI, Smart Meters. In an interview he describes how wifi and especially the smart grid being implemented for the smart meter is a biological weapon being inadvertently levied against the population.

As he explains, safety codes are implemented to protect the public predominantly from the health effects of unintended stimulation of tissue for example, Xrays where people are protected with lead shielded clothing. What they have not addressed is the fact that wireless routers and smart grids expose people to this unintended heat-effect generating frequency that has shown to induce responses in crops, humans, medical devices and even buildings. When municipalities incorporated building codes, they set parameters for current induction into building materials and structure. These parameters are being exceeded every day by frequencies generated through wireless devices. These vibrations cause high-speed polarization which expand and collapse inside walls, etc at sometimes up to 18 billion times per second and become a violent harmonic. This can over time cause structural compromise because of the damage from pulsing frequencies.

As for the effect on people, Curtis says that wireless frequencies heat up your body fluid (like it has been proven in SARs testing, microwave testing, etc) but it is 24/7 because the wifi never shuts down, especially if you have a smart grid in your area. This creates nerve and muscle depolarization that can affect every function in your body including hormones which affect our emotional stability.

Please listen to at least the first 15 minutes of his interview.


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